Why Is Mica Used in Heating Systems?

Various industry applications utilize devices called electrical heaters. These heaters offer the benefits of precision and durability. They can also be customized to match the requirements and regulations of certain industry applications. Mica heater solutions with mica heater elements comprise some of these heater options. At JenTer Technologies, we offer solutions in wire processing and heating elements for customers in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Mica Heater Solutions

Mica heating elements are a great option for different heating applications because of their ability to operate under high temperature conditions. A mica solution is often employed when other types of heating elements cannot endure the required temperatures. These heaters are manufactured with thin mica sheets, enabling very fast heat-up speeds and low thermal mass. In order to reduce delamination in case of fast heat-up times, mica heater elements are often clamped.

Various industries use high temperature mica heaters, including semiconductor, food service, medical, industrial, and more. These heaters allow for the even distribution of temperatures across heating elements with a precise transfer of heat.

JenTer Mica Heater Elements

We offer these heating elements in various sizes and geometries. With mica heaters, it is standard to specify tighter tolerances and complex designs. These heaters are an effective solution for applications that involve high temperatures and a unique heating element.

The mica heaters we offer are designed for high watt densities and quick temperature recovery. Mica heaters are available with shaded watt densities often in conjunction with ceramics to enable uniform heat distribution. Exceptionally high temperature mica heaters can be molded into two dimensional geometric configurations and more complex clamped mica heater arrangements. These heaters, which are made for clamped applications, are ideal for surfaces where direct contact is not a concern, metal strip heaters, and hot plates.

JenTer works with customers to develop mica heater solutions to achieve requirements with customized specifications.

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