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JenTer Technologies

Superior Thermal Solutions,
JenTer Technologies

JenTer is widely recognized throughout industry for its ability to resolve complex designs, manufacture intricate assemblies, meet stringent quality standards, and react to customer delivery requirements. JenTer produces custom heating elements, electrical assemblies, and wiring harnesses for home appliances, commercial appliances, and industrial equipment. Millions of our assemblies are used in products as diverse as coffeemakers, quartz tube heaters, bag sealers, ATM machines, fuel pumps, seating, radiant heaters, blood analyzers, and food warmers. Contact us, we’ll provide samples promptly and work with you to meet your requirements.

Superior Thermal Solutions
Quick Response Manufacturing
Economic Electrical Assemblies
World Class Components

We've produced millions of proven products for a wide variety of industries, including: 

Consumer Appliances
Commercial Food Service Equipment
Electronic Controls
Lawn and Garden
Commercial and Industrial Equipment
Medical and Laboratory Devices

Our broad manufacturing experience generates innovative solutions to your electrical product requirements.
Solutions that will help make your designs practical and profitable.


Flexible Heater Solutions

JenTer is a leading provider of flexible heater solutions, serving clients both in the US and internationally. We offer custom heating solutions for clients in a range of industries, including medical, commercial appliances, food service, agricultural, automotive, and numerous industrial applications. Our services include product design assistance, rapid prototype fabrication, and quick response manufacturing.

If you are looking for custom made heating elements, JenTer can help. Browse our range of products, from foil heaters to open coil heaters and mica heaters to fiberglass rope heaters, wiring harnesses and other electrical assemblies. We can assist with additional electrical requirements, such as fans or speakers, to make it easier to purchase multiple items. We are continually adding new products to our product line, with printed heaters and silicone heaters being two of the newest options.

JenTer custom heating elements meet the needs of businesses that require complex designs and high quality. Our assemblies are used in diverse products, including instrument clusters, appliances, medical devices, and food warmers. Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to offer the most efficient options among flexible heaters manufacturers.

We respond quickly to all inquiries and orders for custom flexible heating elements. When you choose JenTer, you benefit from world-class materials, short lead times, and competitive costs.

Discover a choice of flexible heater solutions for your products from JenTer. With custom products available to meet your needs, we will ensure you receive high quality products and unbeatable service. Contact us to find out more.

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