What is a Kapton Heater?

Our team at JenTer is a domestic and international provider of flexible heater solutions that meet the needs for an array of industries. The services we offer include product design support, rapid fabrication of prototypes, and quick response manufacturing to meet the schedules of our clients. One of the products we offer is the Kapton Heater.

Custom Kapton Heater

The Kapton Heater consists of a polyimide film with translucent characteristics and exceptional electrical properties. In addition, the thickness of these heaters is exceptionally small. They are manufactured to work effectively in temperatures ranging from about -270°C to 240°C.

Kapton flexible film heaters are referred to as flex heaters and operate for similar purposes as silicone mat heaters or aluminum foil heaters. The difference is that Kapton flexible film heaters have a considerably smaller thickness at 0.5 mm and are also more flexible. As custom manufactured flex heaters, their design can include comparable watt densities and the ability to function at similar temperatures to silicone heaters.

The custom Kapton Heater is built with insulation consisting of polyamide sheets that include the heating element laminated inside. Designers have considerable flexibility to disseminate wattage through the advanced circuit imaging and printing available through these heaters. These heaters can produce a variety of heat patterns throughout the same. Surface heaters are utilized in a wide range of applications in the military, commercial, and industrial sectors where critical factors include cost-effectiveness, dependability, basic flexibility, resistance to deterioration, and minimum cross-section.

Features of the Kapton Heating Element

Various material surfaces can accept the Kapton heating element for the guarantee of a uniform and fast heat transfer. Optimum power management efficiency and varying thermal expansions are enabled through the uniform thermal distribution of these heaters.

The various features of the Kapton Heating Element include:

  • Consists of transparent polyimide material. This enables easier inspection of the internal details of the heater. The heating element is also available in an opaque version.
  • Improves electrical and physical properties which enables thermal stability across a wide range of temperatures
  • Dependable, accurate, durable and chemical/moisture resistant.
  • Resistant to fungus and radiation and may be used in numerous applications
  • Easy to adhere or bond to various surfaces and parts.

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