What are the Modern Custom Solutions for Flexible Heating Elements?

Various types of industries utilize flexible heaters. These heaters offer exceptional benefits including their versatility and durability. Manufacturers are able to design and produce custom flexible heating elements that are customized to accommodate specific industry regulations and requirements. At JenTer Technologies, we provide top-of-the-line heating elements and wire processing solutions for industrial and commercial customers.

Flexible Heating Elements and their Benefits

Flexible heating elements that are customized utilize various flexible materials, including aluminum foil, silicone rubber, mica, polyester, and Kapton®. These materials can provide various benefits for multiple applications, including resistance to chemicals, moisture, and damage from UV radiation.

Custom flexible heating elements also provide designers and manufacturers the ability to design heaters with custom watt densities, multiple circuits, and in various sizes, shapes, and thicknesses.

Foil Heaters

Low moisture applications can make use of foil heaters. These heaters provide a long-lasting heat solution that is dependable, durable, and cost-effective. Foil heaters match customized patterns for concentrated or uniform heat distribution for particular applications. These heaters are applicable for applications that operate in temperatures less than 600°F and do not require complex and expensive bracket mounting.

These heaters often include a flexible fiberglass heating element laminated in the middle of two sheets of foil consisting of a liner-backed adhesive coating. The foil enables more effective heat transfer than provided by heating elements that do not fully contact the surface or utilize thicker materials such as silicone.

Open Coil Heaters

One of the most commonly used heating elements in use today is the open coil heating element. These heating elements may use iron-based or nickel/chrome alloys and provide controllable electric heat for various commercial, residential, and industrial applications.

We are able to manufacture these heaters in mica or ceramic forms using a wide range of wire gauges and voltages. These elements usually contain a thermostat, at least one resistance coil, and a thermal fuse.

Fiberglass Rope Heaters

Fiberglass rope custom flexible heating elements consist of helically wrapping resistance wire around a core material. They are often used in industrial applications, testing applications, and other industrial or vehicle applications in which high-temperature, cost-effective, and long-service-life heating capabilities are needed.

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