Silicone Rubber Heaters – Industry Applications

Silicone rubber heaters are used in an array of commercial, industrial, and military applications. These flexible heaters are resistant to many different external elements including chemicals, oils, moisture, radiation, solvents, fungus, compression set, vacuum, and weathering. They are ideal for use in applications in which resistance to deterioration, reliability, flexibility, minimum cross-section, and cost-effectiveness are important. At JenTer Technologies, we are your dependable source among silicone rubber heater manufacturers for the flexible heaters you need to meet the requirements of your applications.

Common Industrial Applications

Some common industrial applications for flexible silicone heaters are discussed below.

Preventing Condensation

Silicone rubber heaters are effective for use in enclosed spaces to prevent the formation of condensation. An example is enclosures for electronic devices which are susceptible to condensation – such condensation has the potential to damage or destroy electronics. A silicone rubber heater along with a temperature sensor can help maintain the temperature at a level below which condensation will form.

Preventing Corrosion

Corrosion has the potential of occurring when there is a buildup of condensation on large storage tank or hopper walls. The application of silicone rubber heaters to the walls of these hoppers and tanks can maintain the surface temperature above levels at which moisture can form and produce corrosion.

Protecting Liquids and Viscous Materials from Freezing

Silicone rubber heaters may be used on the sides of pails, drums, and metal condensation tanks to keep highly viscous materials and liquids higher than their freezing point temperatures. This enhances flow, prevents blockage, and improves the ability to drain these substances at colder temperatures.

Industries Served by Silicone Rubber Heaters

Flexible silicone heaters may be used in the following industries and applications, and potentially others not listed here:

  • Transportation
  • Space Exploration
  • Gas and Oil
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Medical Devices and Laboratories
  • Aviation
  • Military
  • Manufacturing Equipment
  • Mining
  • Food
  • Electronic Equipment Cabinets

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