Mica Heater & Heating Element

Here at JenTer we supply Mica Heaters and Mica Heater elements. This option is often used for applications that require higher than normal watt densities and a fast temperature recovery. We design the Mica heater and Mica heater elements to be able to evenly distribute the heat effectively with uniform watt densities.

These heaters are specifically designed and manufactured with specialized Phlogopite or Muscovite known as Mica sheet which acts as the insulation material. This Mica sheet consists of the Mica mineral which is infused with a high-temperature heat-resisting polymer. This enables a thin high temperature insulator to be formed. They have an etched foil element in between the layers and can operate at high temperatures with a quick response. Mica heaters and Mica heater elements can be shaped into different geometric designs and can then be used in more intricate installations. They are designed for mounted applications, which makes Mica heater elements the ideal choice for things such as metal strip heaters, surfaces and even things like hot plates. This is because direct contact is not an issue.

In summary, Mica heaters and Mica heater elements can be the right choice when you need the following:

  • A large temperature range from -150°C to a maximum of 700°C

  • Fast temperature transfer

  • High watt density

  • Can accommodate curbed heating spaces

  • Designed to be clamped or mounted

  • Even heat distribution

Hopefully outlining some of the main elements of Mica heaters can help you to decide whether this option is the right choice. If you have any questions about our Mica heater solutions, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact us! Call 920-928-2022, email info@jen-ter.com or visit our contact page here.


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