Flexible Heaters for the Appliance Industry

Flexible heaters are devices designed to conform to surfaces to be heated. Among the different types of flexible heaters on the market today are silicone rubber heaters, aluminum foil heaters, and polyimide film heaters. Custom flexible heaters are used in the appliance industry to ensure efficient and proper operation of equipment. These heaters are custom designed and manufactured to fulfill the requirements of specific applications. At JenTer Technologies, we offer durable and reliable custom flexible heater solutions, including flexible silicone heaters, to match appliance manufacturing performance requirements.

Benefits of Flexible Heaters

Foil or flexible heating elements provide many benefits. The material from which these elements are constructed is flexible and makes possible multiple voltages or circuits in a single element and the locating of systems and sensors for the efficient measurement and control of temperature.

Flexible Heating Elements for Appliances

Custom flexible heaters utilized in the appliance industry may be wire wound, screen printed, or chemically etched units that can be shaped by bending to conform to contours of a surface subjected to heat. These flexible heaters come in various forms, including wire wound aluminum foil, etched silicone rubber, carbon printed, and Polymide/Kapton®.

Custom flexible heater solutions for the appliance manufacturing industry may be thin, lightweight, and resistant to moisture & chemicals. They are highly efficient, accurate, and designed ruggedly for long service life. If your appliance manufacturing application includes intricate geometry, lightweight construction, or limited space, our custom-made flexible heaters are an ideal option.

Ready to Meet Your Appliance Industry Applications

Our heating elements meet customer needs for high quality heaters with complex designs. Regardless of your requirements, our team can work with you to deliver highly flexible heater solutions for your appliance applications.

We respond to customers quickly for custom flexible heaters to ensure your satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to providing you with competitive pricing, quick lead times, and superb materials.

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