Electric Heaters for the Food Service Industry

At JenTer, we are a top provider throughout the U.S. and internationally for flexible heater products and solutions. Our team offers custom heating solutions for multiple industries, including the food service industry. As a provider of custom flexible heating elements, we offer services that include design help, rapid prototype fabrication, and quick response manufacturing.

The food service industry depends on electrical heaters for various tasks, including the preparation and presentation of food, and for additional requirements.

Preparation of Food

Cooking is one of the most important functions in the food industry. When the meal is properly cooked, it is both safe for consumption and delicious. Therefore, it is vital for food preparation equipment to utilize reliable heating, which in many cases includes electric heaters.

During the course of food preparation, electric heaters must be able to produce temperatures quickly and maintain those temperatures in an energy efficient manner. This is essential to help maximize the profitability and efficiency of food preparation operations. Electric heaters and custom flexible heating elements are often utilized in cooking ovens, food warmers, and food presentation stands.

Presentation of Food

Food service providers understand that there is often a step in between the preparation of food and the consumption of food. This involves the presentation of food. Providers that offer precooked food or buffets rely on temperature control to maintain food safety and quality. Electric heaters are often used to achieve this goal through radiant heating, buffet tables, and warming cabinets.

Benefits of Electric Heaters in the Food Service Industry

Electricity is the essential power source utilized in the food service industry. It enables a more dependable delivery of heat at less cost than the use of other fuels. This enables food-service workers to achieve greater efficiency, more accurate temperatures, and overall safety.

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