Custom Made Heating Elements for Industrial Applications

Flexible heaters are used in various applications and industries. These devices deliver a number of benefits, including precision and durability. Flexible heating elements may be customized to fulfill the regulations and match the requirements of different industries. At JenTer Technologies, we provide high quality custom flexible heating elements and wire processing solutions for industrial and commercial customers.

What are Flexible Heating Elements?

Custom flexible heating elements can be wire wound, printed, or chemically etched heaters that may be curved or otherwise conformed to meet surface contours that require heating. Flexible heaters come in various forms, including Polymide/Kapton®, silicone rubber, aluminum foil, carbon printed heaters, and polyethylene (PET) heaters. These heaters are provided with customized features, sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, plus other components that can improve application performance.

Flexible heaters are reliable, rugged, efficient, and accurate, with properties that make them resistant to moisture and chemicals. Due to the fact they can be bonded or adhered quite easily to substrates of different sizes and types, and are actively flexed in applications, they are perfect for various industrial, commercial, and military applications. Flexible heaters are thin, lightweight, and ideal for tough environments and various applications.

Custom flexible heating elements are ideal for industry applications that use heaters with complex geometry, low thermal mass, minimal thickness, and lightweight construction.

JenTer Custom Flexible Heating Elements

We offer an extensive range of flexible heater technologies to ensure you have the right solution for various applications. These heaters come in many sizes, shapes, and watt densities.

Flexible heaters are durable, moisture, and chemical resistant heating elements that are fully suited for low, moderate, or high-volume production. Flexible heaters are effective for use with thermostats and sensors. If you need lightweight, thin heating elements with high-temperature materials, chemical resistance, and low out gassing capabilities these heaters are an ideal choice. The heating technologies we offer are provided in a construction that reflect UL requirements.

Have confidence that JenTer flexible heaters will meet the rigors of your applications.

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