Custom Heaters for Medical and Therapeutic Equipment

Design engineers often use flexible heaters to effectively address applications that require uniform or non-uniform heat distribution in particular areas. Aluminum foil flexible heaters are ideal for use in applications where physical constraints require surface mounted heat. Custom heating elements and flexible heaters may be developed with custom thicknesses, shapes, cut-outs, variable watt densities, and multiple circuits in order to match any application requirements and deliver a durable product. At JenTer Technologies, we offer custom heaters designed for medical and therapeutic equipment.

Flexible Heaters for the Medical Industry

As it concerns the medical industry, our focus is on the businesses that supply the critical equipment to the dedicated medical personnel who deliver exceptional care to patients. This includes the application of heaters and harnesses to medical devices that help personnel carry out various tasks including surgical procedures, analyzing blood and fluid, medical testing, and sterilization equipment. These medical devices and pieces of equipment must be available in various sizes and shapes and perform various functions while operating at the proper temperature for the application at hand.

The custom heating elements for medical systems we produce are designed to keep devices and samples within a range of temperature specifications to help ensure they perform with the necessary accuracy and safety. Flexible heating systems are relied upon in various segments of the medical industry, including biomedical research, patient care, DNA research, life sciences, and pharmaceutical research and experiments.

Open Coil Medical Ceramic Heater Assembly

The most commonly used heating elements today are open coil heating elements. Whether these heating elements consist of iron-based alloys or nickel/chrome-based alloys, they deliver manageable electric heat for numerous applications, including medical applications.

At JenTer Technologies, we are able to supply these heaters in mica or ceramic forms utilizing a wide range of wire gauges and voltages. These custom heating elements usually consist of a thermostat, one or more resistance coils, and a thermal fuse.

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