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JenTer Technologies has a solid reputation as a premier heating element producer and wire processor, meeting the needs of our commercial and industrial customers for many decades. We deliver high volume, fully automated production as well as lower volume customized speciality production. JenTer Technologies is the perfect production partner for your company!


Our History

JenTer Technologies


JenTer was incorporated by Jan & Wes Okrasinski in September of 2000 and named after their daughters Jenny & Terri. The business started as a part of a larger company where they made wiring harnesses & heaters for a wide variety of different applications. During the first several months after purchasing the business, Wes and a small group of new JenTer associates trekked nearly 2 hours each direction to learn the intricacies of making electrical devices.


Later, Wes & Jan moved the business from Manitowoc to Fox Lake, Wisconsin where it is currently located. The business continued to grow with Commitment to Customer Service, Attention to Detail, Focus on Quality, and Delivery of Superior Results - all traits which JenTer continues to pride itself in. Over the next 10 years, two external building additions were completed and two internal mezzanines were added to effectively triple the original production space.  

JenTer – Wire & Element

JenTer Company


From the early days when JenTer started with 7 associates on one shift (4 of whom are still with the company), JenTer currently employs approximately 200 associates on 2 shifts. JenTer serves hundreds of customers all around the world in a wide variety of industries ranging from aerospace to food service to medical devices.  



JenTer is committed to continuing the tradition of Service to Customers, Focus on Quality, and Delivering Superior Results while developing unique innovative solutions for each customers application. In addition, JenTer is committed to the principles of Lean manufacturing and Lead-Time reduction to meet customers ever changing business requirements. 

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