Complete Wiring Harnesses

These harnesses can be manufactured with a variety of single conductor leads or multi-conductor products, including SJO, SJT, and HPN cordage. JenTer Technologies can provide complete fabrication, assembly and testing of each harness so it is ready for efficient production-line installation. In addition to processing single-conductor products, we design and fabricate complete wiring harnesses.

Lead Wire Selection

UL Style UL Style Voltage Max. Temp
PVC 1015 600V 105°C (221°F)  
XLPE 3173 600V 125°C (257°F)  
FEP 1331/1333 600V/300V 150°C (302°F)  
PTFE 10583 600V 250°C (482°F)  
FEP 1330/1332 600V/300V 200°C (392°F)  
ETFE 10086 600V 200°C (392°F)  
Silicone 3122/3071 300V/600V 200°C (392°F)  
Premium Silicone 3254 300V 250°C (482°F)  
TGGT 5256 600V 250°C (482°F)  
Mica 5335/5107  300V 450°C (842°F)  

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