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If you are searching for exceptional quality silicone rubber heaters, look no further than our selection at JenTer Technologies. As a trusted provider among silicone rubber heater manufacturers, we manufacture some of the best silicone rubber heaters you will find on the market.

What are Silicone Rubber Heaters?

Silicone rubber heaters are made from superior grade silicone rubber materials that enhance flexibility and provide unrivaled performance. Many silicone heaters are produced in a flexible, flat heater shape. Others are manufactured in various custom shapes which can help improve heat transfer and make the process of installation easier.

Silicone heaters consist of a vulcanized construction of a minimal profile wire wound or etched foil resistant element squeezed between a double layer of reinforced or unreinforced fiberglass silicone rubber made of various constructions and thicknesses.

These custom silicone heater elements are useful for various methods based on equipment requirements. They are designed to be a lightweight, highly efficient, and versatile alternative to rigidly constructed metallic heaters for heating surfaces fast and efficiently.

Benefits of Silicone Rubber Heaters

Many people rely on the use of popular heating options such as polyimide heaters and flexible aluminum foil heaters. However, there are some important benefits to using silicone rubber heaters. These include:

  • Custom silicone heaters can be manufactured to meet specific requirements
  • Silicone rubber includes a highly effective barrier to moisture penetration, making heaters practical in wet outdoor or otherwise damp environments
  • Silicone rubber has exceptional ruggedness and durability, providing strong wear protection against mechanical damage, vibration, and abrasion.
  • A flexible custom silicone heater may be bonded or vulcanized to metallic surfaces, ensuring enhanced heat transfer and good adhesion.

Whether or not silicone rubber heaters are the ideal choice for your application will depend on your specific requirements and preferences. If exceptional high thermal ramp-up is required, the thickness of silicone rubber may slow down thermal transfer, making aluminum foil or polyimide heaters a possibly more effective option.

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