What is a flexible heater?

A flexible heater is designed to accommodate a wide range of shapes and design configurations. These heating elements are typically made using flexible resistance wire. The insulation used is typically Polyimide, Silicone, or Faiberglass.

Where are flexible heaters used?

The adaptability and configuration options for flexible heaters make them ideal for a range of different applications. They are commonly used in appliances including slow cookers, electric coffee makers, warming trays, and serving dishes. They are also used in industrial and commercial applications requiring similar heating levels combined with long duty cycles.

What is the temperature range of flexible heaters?

The use of high temperature materials provides an exceptional temperature range for these heaters. They can be used in very cold conditions or very hot conditions depending on the exact combination of materials. 300°F is a typical moderately high temperature application and -30°F would be a common low temperature application.

How much do flexible heating elements cost?

One of the many benefits of flexible heating elements is the low cost. This includes a quick development time with the ability to customize for specific applications. We can assist with designing the heater to meet your specific requirements. The long life of this particular heating option also adds to the low cost.

Are JenTer heating elements energy efficient?

All of the heating elements JenTer manufacturers are produced to meet the specifications provided by our customers. This includes offering energy-efficient solutions that are customized to the specifications provided by your team. We are always available to discuss options for heating solutions that use the minimum amount of energy required to produce the desired heating capacity.

What is the warranty on your heater products?

We offer a manufacturer's limited warranty on all of our heaters sold to the original buyers. This is a twelve-month warranty that covers material and workmanship defects. The warranty is in effect provided the heaters are properly stored, installed, maintained, and any specific guidelines or usage parameters are followed.

What power will I need and how long will it take to heat up?

JenTer provides a range of different heater solutions for diverse applications and uses. Each of our heaters is designed for optimal performance and efficient heating in the given application. The power needs for the heater and the specifics of heating speed can be customized to meet your needs and requirements. Our heating elements can heat up within seconds depending on the power supplied.

How can I control the temperature?

Different heater solutions offer various options for controlling the temperature of a heater. For example, our open-coil heating elements can include a thermostat that controls temperatures based on your requirements. This may include high temperature applications.

Can I power your heater from a battery?

Yes, a battery could be used. Our team works with you to create the ideal heater for your application. Provide us with the specifics, and we design and develop a flexible heater to meet your requirements for size, voltage, heating ability, and power source.

How do I reach technical support?

We strive to provide customer service that exceeds expectations. Our customers can contact our technical support team by calling us at 920-928-2022 or sending us an email through the website. We provide full technical support for all of our products Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm Central Standard Time.

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