Switch to Efficient Heating Solutions with Flexible Heaters

A flexible heater may be a wire wound, screen printed, or chemically etched heater that can be modified to the contours of a surface that requires heating through bending or flexing of the heater. Types of flexible heaters include carbon printed heaters, Polyimide/Kapton® Film heaters, silicone rubber heaters, transparent heaters, and carbon printed heaters. Making the switch to flexible heaters results in highly efficient heating. At JenTer Technologies, we offer industrial and commercial customers outstanding flexible heater solutions.

Multiple variations come with these flexible heaters, including customization options for shape, size, and thickness, in addition to parts added which may enhance the performance of the heater in particular applications.

Flexible Heater Characteristics

Flexible heaters are accurate, dependable, efficient, and rugged. The properties they possess make them resistant to chemicals and moisture. Flexible heaters maybe used in a wide array of commercial, industrial, and defense industry applications due to the fact that they may be easily adhered to any size or type of substrate, including being flexed for various requirements.

Flexible heaters may be used in applications that include continuous temperatures up to 600°F/315°C. Although lightweight and thin, they are ideal for vacuum applications and harsh environments.

Efficient Heating

Heating applications require the effective and efficient transfer of heat. Flexible heater solutions provide the answer. Since flexible heaters may be directly attached to a surface requiring heat, they provide a highly efficient method of facilitating energy transfer from the heating element. The proper design and installation of a flexible heater is such that the interface between the substrate and the heater is uniform – provides an efficient mechanism for heat transfer.

Flexible heaters often have different controls and sensors built right into the unit. Some of the common elements included in the designs of flexible heaters include adjustable or pre-set thermostats, thermistors, thermal fuses, thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, (RTDs), and other electronic devices.

The types of flexible heaters available on the market today include Aluminum Foil, Polyimide, Silicone Rubber, and Screen Printed.

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