Choose Mica Heaters for Economical Heating Solutions

At JenTer, we are your source for Mica heater elements and Mica heaters, including Mica ceramic heaters. Mica heater solutions are used extensively when applications require quick temperature recovery and high watt densities. JenTer Mica heaters and heater elements also allow for uniform distribution of heat and watt densities.

Mica for a Fast-Heating Solution

Due to the fact that Mica heating elements function so well under high temperature environments, they are ideal for many heating applications. Solutions with Mica are often used when other heating element options cannot withstand the prescribed temperatures for an application. Mica heaters consist of thin sheets of Mica, which allow for low thermal mass and quick heating.

Multiple industries utilize Mica heaters that are able to endure high temperatures, including medical, semiconductor, and others. These heaters produce a precise transfer of heat to achieve uniform temperature distribution across heating elements.

JenTer Mica Heaters

Our Mica heaters are designed and built with Phlogopite or Muscovite of the Mica family which is referred to as Mica sheet and functions as an intergral directional feature. Mica sheet incorporates the Mica mineral and has a high temperature resisting polymer added to it. This allows for the formation of a high temperature insulator. These heaters contain an etched foil element between the layers and can quickly respond when subjected to high temperatures.

Mica heater elements and heaters, including Mica ceramic heaters, can be utilized in more complex installations by shaping them into the required geometric deign. These heaters and elements are ideal for mounted applications and since direct contact is not a problem, they are a desirable choice for surfaces, metal strip heaters, and even hot plates.

Therefore, Mica heater elements and Mica heaters are the right option when you need high watt density, quick temperature transfer, wide temperature range (-150°C to 700°C), uniform heat distribution, a mounted or clamped design, and the ability to handle curbed heating spaces.

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