Basic Things You Must Know About Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone rubber heaters have unique characteristics and benefits and are used in various industrial applications. There are applications that require heating up to a specific temperature and silicone rubber heaters are ideal in these situations. At JenTer Technologies, we are your source among silicone rubber heater manufacturers, ready to help you meet your industrial application requirements.

Main Benefit of Silicone Rubber Heaters

Silicone flexible heaters offer a significant benefit that involves the way they convey heat rapidly and uniformly. This is due to 3 major factors:

  • The uniformity of its heating circuit and heating pattern
  • The thinness of the heater construction
  • The closeness of the heaters to the surface of the application

Features and Types of Silicone Rubber Heaters

Even though silicone rubber heaters are flexible and thin, they are also rugged and retain dimensional stability. These heaters have a fiberglass grid that securely supports the silicone sheets, which also surround the heating elements of the device.

Silicone flexible heaters are so beneficial to use in part because they are resistant to chemicals and moisture. These heaters may be used with curved and flat surfaces that are often factory vulcanized for use with metallic surfaces. Silicone heaters can accommodate holes and cut-outs and can be built with resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermostats, thermal fuses, or thermocouples. Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) vulcanization or room temperature vulcanization (RTV) is able to do the job when you need to fasten heaters to a surface.

Types of Silicone Rubber Heaters

The two types of silicone rubber heaters available on the market include:

  • Etched-foil style: This heater consists of a flat circuit that is created with the chemical-etching of a resistive foil into a designated pattern
  • Wire-wound style: This heater has a specific pattern that is developed from resistance wire wound in a particular pattern

When you need to purchase a flexible silicone rubber heater, be sure to buy one from a provider in the industry with sufficient knowledge and experience in the relevant field.

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